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Warn 500A 12 Volt Solenoid DC Contactor Control Up To 17000LB

Warn 500A 12 Volt Solenoid DC Contactor Control Up To 17000LB
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  • Manufactured by: Dyneema

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Quick Overview

Here are 9 good reasons to choose our 12v Solenoid Pack....

  • Affordable, Heavy Duty and Reliable Solid State-Solenoid Control
  • Wireless Winch Controller Compatible
  • High Quality Copper Terminals and Nickel Coated Bolts
  • Solid Steel Mounting Bracket and Heavy Duty Plastic Casing
  • Module Is Sealed To Resist Any Water And Contaminants
  • It Can Be Housed In Your Existing Controller Box Making It Easy To Install
  • Latest Technology Switching To Prevent Electrical Current From Continuous Arcing
  • Durable Solenoid Control Allowing ANY Winches Up To 17000lbs To Operate Smoothly With No Fuss!

Product Description

"At Last... An Advanced 500 A Winch Solenoid That Is Water Proof, Durable, Arc- Resistant And Easy To Install."

Finally...The Revolution In Winch Control Is Here. A Single Solenoid Operation Of ANY Winch That Uses Solenoids to Operate It!

These waterproof contactors give your winch advance operation and reliablity. A "key" feature of these Solenoids is the use of Silver Cadmium Oxide (AgCdO) coated contacts which resist arcing when switching currents. Older olenoids do not have this feature.

This coat eliminates a common cause of failure among the common "style" solenoids. Without it they create carbon deposits on the contacts, which eventually leads to the contacts welding themselves together forming a permanently closed circuit, leading to failure and potential damage to your expensive winch.

Be assured that you can rest easy when you choose our trusted 12V solenoids because they will get the job done safely and productively for the fraction of the price you would normally pay in retail stores.

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 02 July, 2012.

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