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Privacy Notice


Our privacy policy has been written with our customers in mind, to help you understand the collection and use of your personal information. 
We will always seek to keep our privacy policy up-to-date concerning the latest technology, company changes and your needs.

Collection of Information
Our website visitors have the option of providing us with their personal information when they visit our website.  Each individual website visitor can determine whether he/she wants to give us information of a personal nature.  In addition, our website statistics also capture information from your computer about how you use our website to help us make the most of your experience.

Website Usage Information
When someone visits our website, certain usage information is captured such as the pages that you visit the frequency with which you visit our website and the means by which you locate our website.  These statistics simply help us to better serve our customers by providing the best browsing experience.  Though our system captures these numbers for our general knowledge, we do not associate these statistics with individuals, they are obtained on a collective basis.

Personal Information
When you buy products from us, we ask you for personal information.  This helps us to verify who you are, your payment method and to ensure that we can contact you if any problems arise with your order.  You will be asked to provide your name, credit card information, email address, mailing address, and possibly other personal information.

Email Information
When you give us your email address for communication purposes we keep all email communications with our customers and additionally, provide your email information to our partners.  We value your privacy and retain email communications with you to protect ourselves legally and for easy reference in the event of a problem.

How We Use Your Information
The information that you provide to us is used for conducting our business (selling, distributing and servicing products), for customer service purposes and to provide our customers with other products and services that they might find beneficial.  We may also use your contact information to let you know about promotions, sales and changes to our website that concern our customers.  The use of  your information is done primarily with the safety and security of our customers in mind.

Sharing Your Information
As part of our business and marketing partnerships, we may provide your personal information including your name, address, telephone number and email address to third parties so that they may provide you with information about their products and services.  However, your personal information regarding your finances will never be shared with any third party as part of an alliance for business or marketing purposes.

Communicating with You
From time to time we may also use your personal contact information to inform you about changes to our company or website, new products that we provide or promotional activities that would interest you.  As always, in these promotional communications, we will provide you with a means to opt out of receiving this type of communication from us.

Information Security
Our website provides means of secure financial transactions, which are encrypted and scrambled before submission to our website.  Once your information reaches our website, it is them organized and decoded by our specialized software.  However, please be aware that email communications are not encrypted in this way.  We ask that our customers refrain from sending financial or secure information to us via email.
Additionally, we use software to secure your personal information that you submit to us via our website, so that unauthorized third parties cannot access your information.

Legally Compelled Disclosure
There are times when disclosure of your information may be necessary for legal purposes.  We only do this when we have every reason to believe that the law requires us to disclose your information or in the event of protecting our legal rights.

Links on Our Website
Occasionally we provide our website visitors with links to other websites that we feel may be informative or interesting to our customers.  When you visit a website from a link on our website, you are no longer under the protection of our privacy policy.  Our privacy policy covers only the information contained on our website and does not cover websites that are linked to our website.  Please read the privacy policy of other websites when you leave ours.

The use of our website serves as your consent for the use of information as outlined in the privacy policy. Our privacy policy is always up-to-date on any legal, technological and business changes that we may make.

If you have questions about this privacy policy, please email us at

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